D.L. Stewart writes books filled with humor and heart…


When love triumphs over pain…

Magic happens.

Michaela has closed herself off from love. It’s messy and too much work for this single mom. 

Chance is still healing from his past. Love is something he wants, he’s just not sure he deserves anymore. 

Both thought that they couldn’t find love. 

Both were wrong. 

If you love a broken hero and a romance for the ages, you’ll love Trusting the Right Man. It contains all the feels, page after delectable page.


Loving the Wrong Brother - A Kings Grove Romance


When it comes to matters of the heart, what feels right can sometimes be wrong.

Miranda George feels stuck in the small mountain town of Kings Grove—a town that reminds her of embarrassing moment she’s ever had—and there are a lot. Living with her parents and working at a diner wasn’t exactly how she saw her life going. Despite her life’s imperfections, the one thing she looks forward to is Chance Palmer. Tall, dark, and handsome, she’s convinced he’s the man for her—even if he seems to come in a package deal with Sam, his younger brother and the instigator of most of her embarrassing moments. 

Sam Palmer is ready to get out of his brother’s shadow. He’s ready to stop being known as simply “Chance Palmer’s younger brother”—especially when it comes to Miranda George. Brokenhearted from senior year, Sam still can’t seem to find the words to tell her the truth about the incident or his feelings, even five years later. And with her love for his older brother so plainly written across her face, he can’t help but feel that the truth wouldn’t matter anyway. 

When Chance hires Miranda to work for their construction company, Miranda and Sam both put up walls to protect their hearts, but they slowly learn that everything they thought they knew about each other is wrong. When a backcountry wildfire threatens everything and everyone they love, Miranda and Sam must decide if they can look beyond their complicated past and see a future together, or choose to protect their hearts, and possibly end up alone.

Discovering Love at Christmas - A Kings Grove Romance

Two Lonely Hearts + A Winter Festival = A Chance at Love

Annie Gish thought her quiet life as the veterinarian in the tiny mountain town of Kings Grove was perfect—if a little lonely, until a Tucker Anderson came to town. Despite her hesitation to complicate his life, she asks him for help planning the annual Kings Grove winter festival.

Tuck Anderson has had his heart broken. Repeatedly. It’s one reason the Los Angeles cameraman has run far, far away from LA. But when Dr. Gish turns his head, he finds it tempting to put his heart on the line again. And he’s not the kind of guy to say no when someone asks him for help.

Will the promise of a white Christmas bring two lonely people together? Or will they allow their families and their doubts to get in the way?

**Was previously published as Love Sparks at Christmas